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Denver Broncos  AFC Championships: Eight Times Winner


Denver Broncos AFC Championship
Denver Broncos AFC Championships

Denver Broncos have an age-old affinity with the AFC Championship games. The Broncos accounts in the AFC Championships might be stunning, but its base wasn’t even laid until 1977. Broncos didn’t see a single winning season till 1973. It was in 1977 when the side shined bright when it qualified the playoffs and entered the Super Bowl XII. The journey began, and the side went on to win Denver Broncos AFC Championships eight times.

1977: Broncos vs Oakland Raiders

Jan 1, 1978, the 1977 AFC Championship game, Denver Broncos faced a tough contender in Oakland Raiders. Raiders had 18 playoffs games while Broncos’ single playoff win came just a week before. Broncos lead 7-3 despite Raiders’ overall domination. The second half brought added excitement. Amid tough struggles and controversial calls, Broncos took the game away 20-17.

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1986: Broncos vs Cleveland Browns

Jan 11, 1987, Broncos were up against the Cleveland Browns. The most popular part of the game was a 98-yard touchdown famous as ‘The Drive.’ Mark Jackson took a 5-yard pass of John Elway with just 37 seconds to go in regulation. A 33-yard field goal by Rich Karlis gifted the game to the Broncos 23-20.


1987 Broncos vs Cleveland Browns


Jan 17, 1988, was a rematch for Browns vs Broncos AFC Championship. They were back against each other back to back after 1986 championship match. While in 1986 there was ‘The Drive,’ in 1987 it was ‘The Fumble.’ A ruthless Browns player made a late turnover to make this fumble happen. Broncos clinched the game 38-33.


1989:  Broncos vs Cleveland Browns


The 1989 AFC championship game was the third clash of Broncos with the Cleveland Browns. The different year saw no difference for the fate of the Browns. Jan 14, 1990, was the match day for AFC championship between the Broncos and Browns. The Broncos beat the Browns and became the first side to win three AFC Championship titles for the decade. They won the game 37-21.


1997:  Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers


The season of 1997 brought the Broncos a long-awaited entry to Super Bowl. On Jan 11, 1998, Broncos took on Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship games. The Broncos outplayed the Steelers 24-21 to enter the Super Bowl after missing it for eight years.

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1998: Broncos vs Broncos vs New York Jets

Jan 17th, 1999, it was the last appearance of John Elway at the Mile High. Broncos entered the venue continuing their campaign to defend their Super Bowl title. After a low-scoring first half, the Jets took a quick 10-0 lead in second half. Elway brought his side back by 48-yard score followed by an 11-yard touchdown pass. Broncos won the game 23-10.


2013:  Broncos vs New England Patriots


The 7th AFC Championship title for Denver Broncos came on Jan 19, 2014. Broncos took on the New England Patriots in the game. Broncos were in the driver’s seat for most of the times and denied the Patriot a touchdown until the fourth quarter. Peyton Manning‘s legendary flawless 400-yard touchdown ultimately marked the victory of the Broncos. They won it 26-16.

2015: Broncos vs New England Patriots

The last and the most recent AFC Championship title win for Broncos happened on Jan 24, 2016. Broncos were again facing the New England Patriots for the title game. Broncos kept narrow leads for the first three-quarters before they went wild in the fourth. Definitely the wildest finish ever for an AFC Championship game. The Broncos won the game 20-18 to enter the Super Bowl yet again.

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