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Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Rivalry 2017
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Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Rivalry: Bitter AFC West Rivalry

There are only a few rivalries in a sport that could rival the Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders rivalry. Their competition started upon their inception during the 60s. Being in the same division in the NFL, it has to be the one or the other to win championships. The rivalry between the two teams during those times almost bordered on hatred. But since the Raiders always bested the Broncos during their head on, the team from Oakland have their eyes set on other teams in the league. The Broncos who are always the beneficiary of the proverbial stick has nothing to do but fumes with their mouth. let’s learn more on Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Rivalry below.

Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry History

The bitter Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry officially started in a game in 1973. The Broncos forced a tie in their heated game via a field goal. It also became the Bronco’s best season within the last 13 years. The 1977 season saw the Raiders vs Broncos went up a notch when the Broncos defeated the Raiders, who were then the defending champions in their own playoff game. Their tiff did not mellow during the 80s and 90s on account of several close games, others controversial even.

Rivalry Analysis

As much as the players hate each other, the Broncos vs Raiders games brought in more raucous fans. Wherever stadium the two teams meet, expect fans support as heightened as possible. It does not matter how good or bad the other players but each Raider vs Broncos game brings total excitement amongst its fans. The Monday Night Football schedule showed the team facing 19 times. All the games ended with 7 points or less between the victor and losers,

An Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Rivalry games happen at least twice per season/ three times if they meet in the playoffs. In the history of the Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry, the two opposing protagonists only met twice in the playoffs. The result of those games was split. The Broncos 2won the 1977 games via a 20-17 decision while the 1994 game was won by the Raiders 42 – 24. Of the 115 games played head on, the Raiders won 62 games while Broncos took home 51 wins. They registered 2 tied games in their history. Once in 1964 and once in 115 games they played against each other, the Raiders scored 2,471 points against the Broncos 2,374 points.

Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry: Super Bowl

In Super Bowl Championships, the Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Rivalry is tied at 3 per team. The Raiders did it in 1976, 1980 and 1983 the Broncos, on the other hand, won it on 1997, 1998 and lately 2015. Until this 2016 season, the rivalry is still as intense as ever. They split their 2016 games between themselves but the Broncos has the upper hand in scoring 44 to 36.

Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry Schedule 2018

47 years old Raiders vs Broncos Rivalry will be seen once again on filed from October,1 this year. The Broncos will host the Raiders at Mile High. In week 4, the team will make a trip to Oakland Coliseum on November, 26. Both  games will be telecasted live  by CBS

Raiders Broncos Regular-season Week 2

Sunday, September 16 at 4:25p ET
Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos
Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Broncos Raiders Regular-season Week 16

Monday, December 24 at 8:15p ET
Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders
Oakland Coliseum

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