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Monday Night: Broncos vs Chargers Game Prediction Week 1

Reg Week 1: Broncos Chargers Monday Night Football
Broncos Chargers Reg Week 1

Reg Week 1: Broncos vs Chargers Monday Night Football

Broncos Chargers both join in the NFL from the same division AFC (West). Similarly, They both start to compete in the NFL after AFL- NFL merger in 1970. Similarly to the before Broncos and Chargers will meet on this Monday Night 2017. Already they have completed their Preseason weeks. But among the two teams, Broncos are in a good touch because of their extraordinary win in NFL 2017 Preseason. On the contrary Chargers stats in the preseason was not up to the mark. All the fans of the both teams are eagerly waiting for their Monday Night Football. In order to predict Reg Week 1 Game, we will discuss several burning issues of these two teams. Broncos Chargers 2016 NFL stats and 2017 NFL preseason stats are so effective issue in this regard. Moreover, their last five NFL match stats are also played an important role in this regard.

Broncos Chargers Tonight Time & Venue

2016 Broncos NFL Stats

Broncos 2016 NFL stats create an impact on their 2017 Regular season. Because their 2016 NFL bring not only their confidence but also some extra strength. Moreover, they can avoid 2016 NFL season’s mistake in 2017 which will make them more careful about serious about the game. They played 15 games in their 2016 NFL history. In 2016 they won 8 and lose 7 games.


2016 Chargers NFL Records

Similarly to the Broncos Chargers also played 15 games in 2016. According to their 2016 NFL Records, they won 5 and lose 10 games.


Broncos vs Chargers Reg Week 1 Prediction

Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Chargers Monday Night Football might be a one-sided game. Because Broncos are far ahead than Chargers in all sphere. Broncos 2016 Stats are more healthy than Chargers. Moreover, in Last Five NFL matches Broncos win most of the games. Furthermore, in 2017 NFL Preseason Broncos execution is up to the mark where Chargers performance is below the mark. Consequently, Broncos Chargers Reg Week 1 Prediction goes 90% winning chances of Broncos.


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