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Denver Broncos Cheerleaders
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The Denver Broncos cheerleaders are the official Denver Broncos cheerleader squad. Not only do these beautiful ladies perform on game days, they also commit to charity work in Colorado. Dedicating more than 1,500 hours to charity and other organizations in Denver Broncos Cheerleaders history.

Conception of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

The Bronkettes was the initial name that the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders called themselves way back. However, in 1971 the squad changed its name to Bronco Belles and again changed their name to the Pony Express in 1977. The group was together only until 1985 when it was disbanded. After a long period away from entertaining their fans, the cheer leading squad was brought back to life in 1993.
Some of the initial members of the Denver Broncos cheer leading squad include comedian Robin Williamson of “Mork & Mindy” in 1979. Another notable member is Pat Mansfield famously known as “Pat Chance”


The Denver Broncos cheer leading squad is currently comprised of 26 members in total. Actually, that is the total number of slots that are up for grabs for anyone that wants to be a cheerleader. You will get a lot of Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Videos online.

Selection process

As mentioned earlier there are only 26 positions available in the squad. Every spring the cheerleaders meet to select new cheerleaders. First, all contestants must show up and fill out an application form. Multiple workouts happen into 3 stages follow:

Stage 1
A number of 8-counts on the floor combination in groups of three which will leave around 100 contestants. You will get updates from Denver Broncos cheerleaders social media pages like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc.

Stage 2
A one-minute routine is taught to the contestants and they will be expected to do the same. The 50 finalists that make it will then proceed to the finals.

Stage 3
This is the final stage and finalists will be involved in workshops throughout the final week. Interviews are also carried out and this leads to a final show where successful finalists will be chosen.

Training camps

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders have training camps that are free and open to the public. The training camps are split into days where the cheerleaders train on various aspects. These ladies work out to make sure that they are in the perfect shape for any big day when they take to the pitch to entertain their fans with fantastic dance moves while in sexy outfits.

When these ladies are not running personal errands they are hitting the gym doing all types of fitness training ranging from boxing, running on the treadmill, dancing. Others take yoga classes for mental strength and inner peace. So before you decide to join the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders squad you need to be ready to hit the gym more often than not.

They also have a Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleaders program which focuses on young ladies ranging from 6 years to 14 years of age. They give these children an opportunity to perform with the cheerleaders during halftime.

The popular list forĀ Denver Broncos Cheerleaders
Followings are the former denver broncos cheerleaders who made successful career later on at various field.
Renee Herlocker of spike TV and E! News
Michelle Beisner of the NFL Network
Lauren Gardner a sportscaster of CBS Sports Network.
Katee Doland who was Miss Colorado USA 2008.
Jamie Dukehart-Conti, Miss Colorado 2008