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On Twitter, Denver Broncos Twitter (@Broncos) has a massive 2.2 Million followers. The orange army operate its twitter outlet by tweeting, retweeting, and replying to, tweets from fans. Thus fans begins to think themselves as an integral part of the team.

Since joining twitter, Denver Broncos Twitter  have shared more than 41,500 tweets and nearly 25000 photos and numerous news. Beside,  exciting and highlights video of team and Cheerleaders are also posted there. Therefore, fans  can check out whatever the team tweets

The Denver Broncos Twitter page also  celebrates special days like  birthdays and personal events of the players. Thus the fans get to know the updates directly from the  team.

#Broncos Hash Tag

The orange team of Broncos  have coined the hashtags  #Broncos to  direct contact with what fans are saying. Beside  the hash tags allows fans to talk to one another about the team.

The page feature  some of the work of the team as well as websites for buying tickets and merchandise. The team also operate other means on social media like Facebook, Google, YouTube.

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