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Top 10 Best Denver Broncos Players 2018


Denver Broncos has seen many talented players. In recent history, it has also been home to many household names with a tag of outstanding performance. Below is a list of some of the best Broncos players in 2018. As the article will show, each of them has displayed some exceptional performance on the field.

10.Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas was born on 25th December 1987. Thomas is a player in Denver Broncos. He is a wide American Football receiver. Before coming to join Broncos, he played football at the American Institute of technology. He came to be widely popular when he was enrolled by Broncos in 2010 at the National Football League.

09.Shane Ray

Shane Ray is an American football linebacker. He first played football as a college student in Missouri. His talent was recognized from here by Broncos. The team immediately drafted him in the first round of National Football league that took place in 2015. On 7th February 2016, Shane managed to win his first Super Bowl.

08.Andy Janovich

This is yet another powerhouse of talent. He is NFL’s fullback for Broncos. His career, like many of his colleagues, started from college where he played for Nebraska. His selection by Broncos came in the sixth round where he was then drafted into NFL. His outstanding performance was reserved on the bench after an injury in November 2016.

07.Trevor Siemian

He was drafted in the seventh round of NFL by Broncos. Trevor is a quarterback who first played football in college at Northwestern. He earned his milestone when he received his super bowl ring after defeating the American Panthers. His early career in football had a history of another achievement.

06.Emmanuel Sanders

His career in football started at MSU where he played successfully. In 2010 he was drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round of NFL. He plays as a wide receiver for Denver Broncos. The record has it that Sanders is one of the most popular players with a promise.

05.Derek Wolfe

He was born on 24th February 1990. Wolfe is an American football defensive end for Broncos. Prior to his being coopted in this professional team, he played college football. Thus his record of football has its roots at the university of Cincinnati.

03.Matt Paradis

This is an able-bodied American football center player. In 2014 he was drafted to NFL in the sixth round. During that drafting session, he was the 207th to be picked. He also earned his Super Bowl ring when his team defeated the American Panthers.

03.Chris Harris Jr.

He is an energetic American football corner back. Unlike his friends, his drafting was not done at NFL.  Broncos picked. He was by and signed without being drafted. That is why his signing was termed an undrafted player’ or as some have called it as an undrafted free agent.’

02.Von Miller 

This is an outside linebacker for his team and has been with this team for almost six years. His drafting took place at NFL’s 2011 event. To his name, there are a number of honors recognizing his outstanding performance and commitment. His career has a long and promising future ahead.

01.Aqib Talib

He is a splendid and strong American football cornerback. In his previous career, he received unanimous honors for his performance. His drafting took place in NFL’s 2008 event where Tampa Bay Buccaneers did it in the first round.